The first believers to move to the Arizona area were Henry and Olga Mielonen who settled here in the year 1940. The growth of the congregation was very slow at first with Henry and Ann Koistinen and family arriving in 1947 followed by others during the 1950's. The congregation was formed on July 9, 1959. under the laws of the State of Arizona as the "Apostolic Lutheran Congregation of Phoenix", with charter members being: Henry and Ann Koistinen, Wayne and Helen Kippola, Josie Johnson, William and Erna Blatt and Charles Kuopus.

The Early congregation gathered at homes and rented facilities for taped services, song services and occasionally a visiting minister would come to hold services. A house in Phoenix, at 2732 East Pinchot, was purchased in 1961 and remodeled, into 2 main rooms that served the congregation as their church. The first Chairman was Henry Koistinen who served from 1959 to 1969 and followed by Harvey Hill who served from 1969 to 1973.

After the heresy of 1973 the congregation reorganized, and on May 17, 1973 the official name became: "Laestadian Congregation of Phoenix". The Board of Directors at this time were: William Alanen, Arthur Forstie, Robert D. Johnson Wilbert Honga and Arne Johnson. The name again was changed in 1997 to the present day "Phoenix Laestadian Lutheran Church (PLLC).

During the 1970's & 80's significant growth took place not only from within, but also with arrival of several families to the Phoenix area from throughout North America. The Congregation outgrew the little church on Pinchot, and the small house was demolished on December 1, 1975 to make way for construction of a new church building which was completed on April 21, 1976. The dining hall, kitchen and offices were added during 1984-5. Continuing growth, again resulted in the facility becoming too small, so 10 acres of land was purchased near Cave Creek Road and Ashler Hills Drive in early 1986. On a sunny morning in the spring of 1988 services were held at the new church site with the attendees bringing their own chairs that were placed in the sand. The sanctuary was completed in October 1988 and Dedication Services were held in conjunction with the 10th Annual AALC Winter Services in February of 1989. A dining hall was added in 1996, and the kitchen was completed in 1999.

The mid 80's also saw several families move from the Phoenix area to near Prescott Arizona to begin a new life and the establishment of a second Arizona Congregation in October 25, 1982.

The PLLC is an active member of the Laestadian Lutheran Church headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The LLC has assigned the Phoenix Congregation to area 2 which also consists of Believers in Prescott and California.

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